28 days remain before the April 22, 2017 National Test Date.
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Thank you for putting together a very thorough study program with clear instructions and advice in how to use the program. I scored an 88% on my last exam in preparation for the NCE and scored 83% on the NCE.  Thanks again for helping me pass.

BS from Maryland

I took the NCE Exam on Friday November 5th and passed it with flying colors.  I happened to find your website and I am very glad I did.  The test study guide was incredibly thorough and provided a comprehensive understanding of the material in a logical format.  I felt the layout and clarity of the information made more digestible and easy to recall during the actual exam. 

The practice questions were also well written and helped greatly improve my confidence and endurance prior to the exam.  Most importantly the site provided a clear and understandable breakdown of one's competencies in specific areas of the test.  The ability to take topic specific chapter tests was the most useful feature of the site.  I essentially focused my review on my weakest areas and was fully prepared come test day.

Thank you so very much for creating such a wonderful and helpful site. 

LL from Illinois