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NCE Group Tutoring

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  2. Q&A time with Josh Kellar, owner of NCEExamPrep and NCE Tutor
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Weekly 1 Hour NCE Group Tutoring Via Zoom!

Every Tuesday at 5:30pm (central time).

Every tutoring session is recorded and added to the archive for viewing later

The NCE Group Tutoring will help you focus attention on a specific subject covered on the NCE.  Emphasis will be on application for test questions with samples provided each session. Each month the tutoring sessions will have a different emphasis.

Current Archived Lessons Include Group Tutoring Sessions Covering the Following:

Group Tutoring Archived Lessons

Date RecordedSubject AreaContent AreaTime
220607Research & StatisticsStatistics1:03:35
220614Research & StatisticsUnderstanding the Bell Curve1:02:06
220614.1Research & StatisticsWhat’s Up With The Bell Curve0:03:32
220621Research & StatisticsBell Curve Practice0:39:56
220628Research & StatisticsSkewed Distributions & Measures of Relationship0:39:26
220706Research & StatisticsStatistics – Practice Problems0:59:07
220712Career & Vocational TheoryTrait & Factor Theorists, Holland0:52:36
220719Career & Vocational TheoryCareer Theorists, Work Adjustment Theory, Accident/Chance Theory0:59:36
220726Career & Vocational TheorySocial Learning Career and Vocational Theory, Status Attainment Theory, Human Capital Theory, Social Factors1:07:52
220802Career & Vocational TheoryDevelopmental/Life Span Career & Vocational Theory0:55:46
220809Career & Vocational TheoryDecision Making Career & Vocational Theory0:59:19
220816Career & Vocational TheoryCognitive Information Processing, Social-Cognitive Career Theory, Career Resources0:50:57
220823Career & Vocational TheoryEthical Guidelines, Additional Terms1:00:15
220830Group Theories & TechniquesLeadership Styles0:54:54
220830.1Group Theories & TechniquesLeadership Role0:14:28
220906Group Theories & TechniquesDevelopmental Stages and Structure0:59:29
220913Group Theories & TechniquesMember Role and Curative Factors1:04:15
220922Group Theories & TechniquesGroup Types, Research & Miscellaneous0:58:52
220927Group Theories & TechniquesPsychodymanic, Adlerian, Person-Centered, Existential, Gestalt0:52:55
221004Group Theories & TechniquesTA, Behavioral, REBT, Reality, LIfe Stage0:55:37
221012Assessment & AppraisalReliability & Validity1:55:22
221024Assessment & AppraisalConsiderations and Additional Terms0:16:31
221025Assessment & AppraisalSelected Instruments1:03:44
221101Family TherapyHistory, Systems Theory0:58:05
221108Family TherapyPsychodynamic and Satir’s Experiential Theory1:04:06
221115Family TherapyWhiteaker & Structural1:00:07
221122Family TherapyStrategic & Bowen0:58:07
221129Family TherapyMilan & CBFT0:58:37
221206Family TherapyBrief Solution-Focused & Narrative0:59:18
221213Family TherapyIntegrative & Communications Models1:01:24
230103Human Growth & DevelopmentIntro & Psychoanaltic – Freud0:54:55
230110Human Growth & DevelopmentJung, Adler, Hartman, Sullivan & Horney0:50:03
230117Human Growth & DevelopmentErikson, Chickering, Object Relations0:54:12
230124Human Growth & DevelopmentExistential/Humanist, Cognitive Theories- Piaget, Elkind1:04:38
230131Human Growth & DevelopmentExistential/Humanist, Cognitive Theories- Kohlberg, Gilligan, others0:44:29
230208Human Growth & DevelopmentCognitive Theories- Havighurst, Information Processing, Personality0:46:52
230214Human Growth & DevelopmentBehavioral Theories-Classical and Operant Conditioning0:54:06
230221Human Growth & DevelopmentBehavioral Theories-Vicarious Conditioning1:03:25


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