NCEExamPrep Practice Exams

NCEExamPrep Practice Exams


Our exams come from a question bank of nearly 3000 questions covering all 8 of the CACREP Content areas. The full-length simulation exam replicates every aspect of the actual NCE including its organization according to the 2019 Work Domain areas!

**Practice Exam Questions DO NOT have question explanations. This is something we hope to have completed in 2022.



– Take each practice exam as many times as you like for the duration of your subscription!

  1. Full length practice exams
  2. Study Manual Chapter Practice Exams
  • Our practice exams use an external website for testing.
  • Upon completion of the test, you will be redirected back to the course.
  • The exam data-base contains nearly 3,000 questions.
  • The online system allows you to take unlimited practice exams for the duration of your subscription.
  • The questions used in the online practice exams are questions has written. The NBCC Board does not circulate old questions. The practice questions used are in the same multiple-choice format as those found on the actual exam. They are not the same questions, but they are out of the same content areas.
  • Additionally, you may find questions that were not covered by material in our Study Manual. This is by design since we do not know the actual questions on the National Counselor Examination®.
  • Upon completion of a practice exam, you will receive a sample score report like the one pictured. The score report details how well you did according to 1) Work Domain Area, 2) CACREP Content Category and 3) NCEExamPrep Chapter.

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**Practice Exam Questions DO NOT have question explanations. This is something we hope to have completed in 2022.

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