What our customers say...

    Thank you! Your study materials were SO helpful, especially the videos and the systematic study plan. I passed today with a 143!

    DS from Arkansas

    I have used several types of study material to prepare for this exam. I found this one to be the most helpful. After nearly giving up due to failing more than once, I used this as my last attempt and I passed. I highly recommend this as a preparation tool. Our non-profit is encouraging others to use this as well.

    PM from Michigan

    I want to thank you SO much for this program! I had taken my NCE twice and failed terribly. I bought this program and used all the study materials and the practice exams. I retook my NCE and raised my score by 31 points and PASSED! I felt confident the entire time I was taking the exam. I truly believe this program is the only reason I was able to finally pass. I can not thank you enough. This changed my life!

    SB from Arkansas

    Just wanted to let you know that I passed my NCE exam today. The passing score was 88 and I scored a 91. Thanks to your videos, simulated exams, etc. I was able to pass. Thank You.

    CB from New Jersey

    First of all let me say, I have severe dyslexia, but was diagnosed 8 years ago and would have had to submit myself to be retested to have the diagnosis within the past 2 years that NBCC requires for special accommodations. I used your 60 day and faithfully completed your program. I took my NCE today and PASSED!!!! On my test I needed 87 to pass and I got 107 correct :-) Thank you so much!!! I will be recommending you to everyone!!

    JW from Texas

    Dear Daryl:

    I took the exam today and I passed.

    I want to thank you for your prompt responses when I tried to contact you.

    I want to tell you how much all the materials that I bought helped me. The videos and the way that you present the material and explanation about how to be prepare for the exam. The material is so well structured that made it's comprehension simple and direct to the point. The special forms to help our memory are wonderful. I don't think that without these materials to study I probably would not be able to pass the exam today.

    Thank you so much for the GREAT HELP!!!

    CH from North Carolina

    Wow! This was the best experience to prepare for the most important exam in my counseling career.

    I had previously taken the NCE and failed it 88/160, with a required score of 91, and with the material I received through nceexamprep.com, I felt like I had the most updated information, great mock exams, workshops and chapter quizzes. When I took the NCE the second time, I gain 25 points, and passed with a 113/160, with a required score of 93.

    AL from Arkansas

    I'm quite pleased and relieved to say that I passed the NCE! And it was on the first attempt in taking the exam. My score was 126/160, 91 was needed to pass.

    I do believe the workshop review was helpful, particularly for research and appraisal concentration areas, my weakest subjects.

    The practice exams gave me plenty of practice on question formatting, information being asked, and how to rule out answers for "the best possible answer."

    Thank you for what I feel was an effective study program for this difficult exam. It was well worth the investment.


    SR from Iowa

    Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart !!! I just passed my NCE with a 111/160 - passing was 92. I know I could not have done this without your test prep questions !!!! I am beyond grateful !! Well worth the money I spent !!! (I have actually been out of school for 10 years and have been practicing under a supervisor's license in a community college. I have all of my contact hours and my supervision hours towards my LPC license, all that was needed was a passing score on the NCE.)

    SD from Michigan

    Just to let you know, I PASSED! Using the nceexamprep.com material was the answer. I heard of people not passing, even after several attempts using other's materials, but I followed the system, as recommended, and it WORKED! It was a one-shot deal! I scored 70% while passing on my exam was 60%. Now I understand why you suggest following the study plan! I highly recommend this program to anyone preparing for the NCE exam! Thank you SO much!

    PA from New Jersey

     Dear confused candidate,

    If you are trying to figure out which of the many study guides/programs to purchase look no further !! I would like to inform you the study guide materials from NCEExamPrep.com does work !!  I passed the NCE yesterday and I have this program to thank for it.  I strongly recommend following the Recommended Study Plan!! I followed the plan a closely as I could.  I was off a day or two on some of the long exams at times due to my work schedule but I made sure to take all the chapter tests before taking another exam as the study plan recommended. 

    Thanks NCEExamPrep.com I can now breathe !!

    DM from Texas

    I used NCEEXAMPREP.com to study for my Comprehensive Counseling Exam (CPCE).  This is an exam I need to pass in order to graduate and attain my Master Degree in Professional Counseling.  I purchased and followed the 90 day study program and passed my exam.  Passing score is 76/136 and I passed with 111/136.  I will be using this program again when I prepare for my State NCE exam this fall. 
    Thank  you!

    ---------- UPDATE!!! ----------

    Thank you NCEExamPrep.com. I passed the NCE and received a score of 122/160 (76%). Passing was 97 (61%) and the National Average is 107 (67%). I also used your program last spring when I was preparing for my CPCE an exam graduate students in professional counseling need to pass in order to graduate. Thank you!!!

    PM from Minnesota

    I found NCEexam.com very user friendly.  It really prepared me for the computer-based testing experience.  The book provided was very thorough and well organized.  I received 113 out of 160.  The passing score was 91.  I'm recommending NCEexam.com to all my friends!!

    CD from Texas

    Yes I passed the first time!!!  Thanks Daryl for putting together such a user friendly preparation program to bump up my studies for the NCE.  I had been out of school for over five years and felt very apprehensive about taking the exam.  The investment I made with you was so well worth all the studying and preparation.  I highly recommend your program to anyone seeking to pass. 

    Thank you!! 

    MK from Alabama

    I just wanted to let you know that I passed the NCE today! I didn't pass the test the first time I took it in January 2011 using a different study method. Following the test, I felt defeated and almost decided not to try to retake it. Then I found your 90-day program and followed it meticulously and scored 28 points higher on the second administration! Thank you for such a well-designed study preparation program! (May 2, 2011)

    CB from Texas

    I was very pleased with the results I achieved on the NCE due to the study format of NCEExam.com.  I followed the recommended study plan on a shortened schedule - I went through the chapters 3 full times over the course of 6 weeks and took many more chapter tests, and a total of 5 practice tests.  I scored an average of 78 on the practice tests, but scored significantly higher on the actual NCE.  For my particular exam, a raw score of 97 (61%) was needed to pass.  I scored a 146 (91%).  I used only NCEExam.com in my preparations, so thank you very much for your help!  I highly recommend your program to anyone preparing for the NCE.

    TL from Texas

    Thank you, thank you,  thank you.  I passed my exam with flying colors on 2/17/11. I followed your plan completely and my score was 135 ....  91 was the passing score on my exam.

    SCR from New Mexico

    I took the NCE Exam on Friday November 5th and passed it with flying colors.  I happened to find your website and I am very glad I did.  The test study guide was incredibly thorough and provided a comprehensive understanding of the material in a logical format.  I felt the layout and clarity of the information made more digestible and easy to recall during the actual exam. 

    The practice questions were also well written and helped greatly improve my confidence and endurance prior to the exam.  Most importantly the site provided a clear and understandable breakdown of one's competencies in specific areas of the test.  The ability to take topic specific chapter tests was the most useful feature of the site.  I essentially focused my review on my weakest areas and was fully prepared come test day.

    Thank you so very much for creating such a wonderful and helpful site. 

    LL from Illinois

    Thank You NCEExam.com! I passed on the first attempt. My score was 129 out of 160 (80%), the minimum passing score was 89 (55%) with a mean of 106 (66%) and standard deviation of 18.  Your system works exactly as you promised and I couldn't be happier.  The preparation steps and video in your plan are easy to follow and the pre-test preparation allowed me to stay calm and ready during the exam.  I am especially pleased with your practice tests which are excellent study sources. You are worth every penny!

    BD from Idaho

    I just wanted to let you know that I took the NCE yesterday 2-9-2010, and thanks to your materials, chapter exams, and full exams, I passed ! While taking the test I almost felt as if I had an advantage because I was so well prepared. Passing grade was 97/160 (60%) and I scored 118/160 (73%) Thank you !!

    LC from Georgia

    I just wanted to thank you guys for your great prep package. I bought the 60 day package and printed out the study manual. I took the exam in October and got my results today - I scored a 135/160, minimum passing score was a 91 and the mean was 107.68 - scored in the over 98th percentile!
    Thanks nceexam.com!

    RL from Alaska

    I wanted to pass along some thanks for your program.  I took the NCE yesterday, and I passed with "flying colors". I obtained a score of 128/160, passing score was 99, mean was 107.23 with a SD of 15. I scored at a +1.5SD which is around a 91%! When the proctor returned with the print out of my test results, she stated "you must be an over-achiever!"

    Nceexam.com's materials were a great help!

    DS from

    I wanted you to know that I took the NCE yesterday, and I passed. I actually did quite well, slightly better than my last two online exam scores (which is really good). In my last two tests I got identical scores of 81.9. My NCE score was 135/160. That would be an 84%. But looking at their statistics, the mean for my test was 107.23 and the SD was 15. I scored at a +1.5SD which is around a 92. Anyway, your materials worked! However, I studied on a daily basis for over two months and took eight 200 items tests, and almost as many chapter tests.

    I am also a late bloomer in taking my NCE. I got my original MA in Counseling and Guidance in 1975. But I was on active duty in the Air Force and blew off the idea of being a counselor. After I retired, I became a nursing home administrator and did that for 23 years. I only recently realized that I want to go back to counseling. Nceexam's materials were a wonderful comprehensive review and update on my career field.

    Anyway, please pass on my appreciation to the rest of the nceexam.com team. (bold words clarified by www.nceexam.com)

    JL from Texas

    Thank you for putting together a very thorough study program with clear instructions and advice in how to use the program. I scored an 88% on my last exam in preparation for the NCE and scored 83% on the NCE.  Thanks again for helping me pass.

    BS from Maryland

    I passed the exam!  I received a 74%.  Passing on my particular exam was 58%.  So thank you and good luck to all those who follow.

    DC from Pennsylvania

    Dear www.nceexam.com,

    I took the NCE and it only took me 2 hours because I was well prepared.  And I passed by over 43 points!  I have recommended you to everyone I know that needs to take the NCE.  I passed my NCE today with room to spare.  The passing score was 93/160 and I rec'd 136/160.  The nat'l mean was reported by the NCE to be 113/160.

    I just wanted to thank you for your comprehensive study guide and online study exams.  They helped me prepare for and pass my NCE on the first try!  With the feedback of the chapter tests, I was able to focus on my weak areas and spend less time on those I already knew.  The full exams were especially important in preparing for the actual NCE exam because they included 200 questions that were very similar to those on the exam.

    Thanks again!

    PP from Washington